Dynabook is a new manufacturer of notebooks, founded in 2018 due to a takeover of Toshiba by the Sharp Corporation. Dynabook is built on the fundaments of the Toshiba heritage and profits from 30 years of innovation in designing, building and development of commercial laptops. With more than 200,000 employees in 30 countries, Dynabook is one of the big players in the commercial notebook industry. Dynabook has development, research and production centers around the world, for instance in the UK, Japan and China. Dynabook differentiates through reliability and quality. Their products are tested extensively according to strict requirements so Dynabook can guarantee quality.

  New retail and NOB
Warranty via manufacturer
Warranty period varies for most products and can best be found by looking it up through the manufacturer's website for your country/region
Explanation the end user must request support/warranty directly from the manufacturer. If you still have questions, you can contact us
Details warranty conditions for the different types of products can be found in this link: https://uk.dynabook.com/services/standard-warranty/
Manufacturer Warranty Dynabook website
Contact manufacturer Dynabook website
Manufacturer's website Click here
Required product number and a detailed problem description
Dead On Arrival (DOA)
RMA Travion You can request an RMA when you are logged in to our website. Don't have a login? Request this at RMA@travion.nl or with your Travion contact.
Contact Travion Travion contact details: Email address: RMA@travion.nl. General tel: 0031 (0) 24 357 88 22 Return address: Travion, Bijsterhuizen 12-21, 6546AV, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. (please specify the Travion RMA number on the return package).
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Product conditions

New, Refurb, Spare, Renew

Products are sometimes available in various conditions. Our focus in on new retail, though if requested, or if there is no other option, we can offer the desired products in another condition. Below is an overview of the conditions as employed by our company.

Simply brand new. Recognizable in the webshop by the label new retail.

BULK/NOB (New Open Box)
e.g. damaged packages that have been repackaged in a bulk box or returned items that have been opened. The product itself is unused and therefore new. These can be identified in stores by [BULK] or [NOB] in the description and OEM number.

REFURB (Refurbished, used, ex-demo)
The umbrella term for used yet inspected & tested products. The guarantee on these products varies. Ask your account manager for the precise guarantee conditions. These can be identified in stores by [REFURB] in the description.

Products in the HP Renew Programme (official HP programme) are products that mostly derive from factory surpluses, HP demo centres and channel returns. Naturally these products come with the original full HP factory guarantee.These can be identified in the shop by [HP RENEW] in the description. For further information about HP Renew, click here.

Some HP products are available from the HP Spare Programme. The guarantee on these products is shorter than the regular guarantee, namely:
- The remaining period of the product in which the product is installed, or
- 90 days Parts Replacement Warranty.
Further information on HP Spare is available on the website of HP, www.hp.com.